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  • Baroque Software can write complex or simple and elegant web sites,
    that is not enough, and we know it!
  • Why have a site your customers can't find in the search engines ?
  • Here are 2 examples of our SEO skill :

    1) Google search "tensegrity" look for

    2) Google search "magical passes" look for again
  • But what is a good search engine optimisation performance ?
    Lets draw you a picture. It varies with the relevance of the results and how obsessed the searcher is, but, sadly typically less than 10% of people will look beyond the first page of results. So, if you are not on the first page, more than 90% of people will miss seeing your site. But it gets worse. A lot of the first screen is invisible because to see it you have to scroll down. In newspaper parlance it is "below the fold". And the reality is that only half the people will scroll down to see what else may be on the page.
  • So, that is what good search engine performance is, it is being visible on the first page of results as it first appears.
  • But Google has started putting what it calls "Sponsored Links" - in other words ADVERTS above the true results of the search (in an area it has highlighted out so faintly that the highlighting can hardly be seen on most monitors).
  • And Google has started inserting video or image results or even their own books selling ads in about fourth place on the first page of results so reducing the available visible space still further.
  • The outcome : you need to be in the top 4 or 5 of the search results. That is good search engine performance. Nothing else is.
  • Unlike the great majority of self-appointed search engine optimisers, we show hard evidence of what we can achieve in the links above.
  • So, do you need really good, optimised, search engine performance for your web site ?
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